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December 7, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays upon us I thought I would offer some ideas for gifts for your little ones.  I will be referring to some old posts throughout that may have touched on some toy/gift ideas!

The first two posts are the Motor Smart Toys and Tips.  Both the first and the second one offered great toy ideas and ways to use them to not only have fun with your child but to encourage gross motor skills.  Strategies for Tummy Time and To Crawl or Not to Crawl both offered ideas as well.

Bike Riding offers several ideas for wheeled toys for your children.  Along with the ones mentioned in there I have a few more suggestions.  For kids who need increased support and assistance with bike riding check out Freedom Concepts Tricycles.  For those that need some help and aren’t able to use a typical tricycle at this time but have some trunk control there are the Me Too Trikes.  In addition to the Skuut there are a multitude of other pedal-less bikes out there.  For scooters I like Radio Flyer or Razor (which both come in all different levels).

For fine motor or sensory toys and ideas check out Fun Ideas for Sensory Exploration or 50 Toys in 50 Days also more ideas on Let Kids Play.

Some other ideas of our tried and true favorites have been listed on our website under Helpful Products, as well as other places to go looking for toys.

For iphone or ipod touch owners check out the games at Duck Duck Moose.  Looking for something to keep kids occupied during the holiday meals that are sure to pop up?  Check out Hello Hanna‘s great placemats!

I would love to know your child’s favorite toy or toys, or any ideas you have to share with parents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc who are looking to find the perfect gift for the special little ones in their life.  Please post your ideas for all to share!


  1. Here are some suggestions from our readers:

    Our daughter loves her tea sets. We play pretend tea time all the time. She will pour, stir and drink her tea as well as pour some for anyone in the room.

    There is a great line of games from Dr. Seuss that include “Cat in the Hat: I can do that!” and “Super Stretchy ABC” that involve balance, coordination and motor planning. I also love Twister Hopscotch and could not live without HyperDash for kids 4 and up. Hullaballoo is a lot of fun too and all of these games can be used in a variety of ways to help develop gross motor skills.

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  2. […] that time of year again when people are thinking of gifts.  Last year I did a Holiday Gift Guide listing old blogs that recommended toys as well as ideas for kids.  I will do the same again this […]

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