Starfish Therapies

September 24, 2012

Make your own Magic Wand

Ok, we are big fans of Harry Potter so when I saw this post on how to make your own wand, I had to pass it along to our OT’s because I thought not only could it be ‘therapeutic’ in that kids could work on skills, but it would also be motivating.  This wand was made over several weeks and our OT and her kiddo would do a little bit each session.  It let the kiddo think about how they wanted the wand to develop and take the time to put the colors and designs in that she wanted.  This kiddo has a left hemiplegia so it really allowed her to work on using both hands to create the project.  She had to use her stabilizing hand to hold the stick while wrapping the string, also both hands need to be used for threading and tying knots to name a few.  I think the best thing it works on is encouraging a child to express their creativity and individuality in a way that can evolve with the project.

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