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August 30, 2012

Activity Bingo


I love to find new and creative ways to get kids to do activities that may not always be their favorite, and to get them to do multiple repetitions of it.  We came up with a new game based on BINGO.  Instead of letters we used numbers on both the column and row labels.  This way the kids could roll two dice and find out their activity.  One die would correspond to the column labels and one die would correspond to the row labels.  Then you would follow the row and column until they met and figure out the activity.  Our pictures show a pre-made one for activities our OT is working on with a kiddo.  You could also use it for handwriting and put letters or numbers in the boxes.  You can pretty much get creative with what you want to work on and put into the boxes.  Once a box has been used you can have the kiddo cover it up (either by writing on it or using a bingo chip or a torn piece of paper, etc).  When the kiddo gets 6 in a row (as seen in the second picture) they can stop the activity.

You can modify this almost anyway you want to, whether its the activities in the boxes or the way you label the columns and rows.  Its just another idea for a novel approach to getting kiddos to do the activities you want them to do!  You can also do it on a white board so that you can make it reusable or you can laminate some pre-made ones so that you can have them ready to go.

Has anyone tried something like this?


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  1. You can check out our free brain break activity that is the same as this from the ebook Roll Some Fun –
    The other boards include other sensory motor activities, visual motor and drawing skills. The free brain break page is our most popular activity pinned on Pinterest.

    Comment by Margaret@YTherapySource — September 5, 2012 @ 11:38 pm | Reply

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