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June 20, 2012

Lycra Tunnel

Our newest toy at work is a lycra tunnel.  One of our OT’s had been talking about wanting one so I finally was able to buy her some lycra and she was able to make one for us.  Of course we all needed to try it out ourselves and let me tell you, its hard work!  Basically a lycra tunnel can be used to provide a kiddo with increased proprioceptive input, work on motor planning and provide them with a core workout.  To make it more challenging you can put a ball in and have them push it through.  The larger the ball, the harder it is.

In terms of motor planning it is challenging to figure out how to move when you are receiving input from all sides which is what this tunnel does.  It provides proprioceptive input all around you as you move through.  I made it about halfway through before I needed to lie down and rest!  The larger the child is the harder it will be also.

When a kiddo is using it you can pull on the back of it so they can advance their legs easier.  In addition, to make it more taut you can have someone pulling from the front as well, or just being at the other end to show the kiddo where the end of the tunnel is.

What else do you use a lycra tunnel for?



  1. Genius. My child will not sleep through the night unless she does a good amount of work at the end of the day, and this would be great and more fun than making her push and carry boxes, on a rainy day, plus not take up a ton of space.

    Comment by Irene — July 14, 2012 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

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  3. […] Lycra Tunnel: This is basically lycra material sewed into a tunnel (it does have some stretch to it). Have the kids crawl through on hands and knees while you hold one end. It’s going to give them resistance as they go through. For increased resistance have them push a therapy ball through that fits in the tunnel with them. […]

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