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May 18, 2012

Star Wars Light Saber Action – A Great Idea from a Kiddo

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I thought I would share another idea one of our kids came up with.  I love their imaginations!  This kiddo is always ‘helping’ us come up with ideas for our group and although we haven’t tried this one yet (still considering logistics) I just had to share it because he put a ton of thought into it before he presented it to us.

His idea was to have a Star Wars Light Saber battle.  He informed us we would need 2 pool noodles (one red and one blue), 2 hula hoops and 2 balls.  These second items did not have specific colors associated with them.  I was pretty much able to figure out what the pool noodles were for (i.e. light sabers) so I asked what the hula hoops were for.  He looked at me with the look only a kid can give that clearly said ‘duh’ while he patiently explained that they were for the two kids to stand in so they knew where their battle positions were.  I decided to brave him thinking I was an idiot so I asked what the balls were for and again he patiently explained that they were to throw at your opponent.

At this point I figured I saw a flaw in the plan – how could they ‘battle’ with light sabers while throwing balls and if they missed they would have to step outside their battle positions (i.e. hula hoops).  You could tell he had not thought of this dilemma, so after a minute he stated that the balls were for when their light sabers ran out of energy (I am assuming that its for if one of the kiddos drop it outside their battle positions).

Now although we haven’t tried this game yet I am not completely opposed to it.  We may not use it in group but I may use it during this kiddo’s PT time and try to lure one of our unsuspecting student interns into battle with him!

The reason I love that he came up with this idea is that this kiddo is working on many of the skills that this game could help him practice.

  • He is working on keeping his standing balance (he is practicing walking and doing things without his assistive device).
  • He is working on engaging both hands in an activity for bilateral coordination.  He would have to do this while holding onto the pool noodle for his battle (as well as having to maintain his balance because if he falls he’s outside the battle position).
  • He is working on squatting down to the ground which he would have to do to pick up the ball once his light saber falls out of his hands, or to pick up the light saber if it fell within the hula hoop.
  • He is working on visually attending to something while using gross motor and that would be key if he is engaged in ‘battle’ with another ‘opponent’ whether through use of the light saber or the ball.
  • He is working on ball skills so this would come out with throwing the ball or attempting to catch the ball if his opponent threw it at him (I think I would add in the bombardment rules that if you catch the ball you are safe).
  • And best of all is that we can practice these skills with him over and over because we can prep him for ‘battle’ which would be at a date a bit out so that we can make a bigger production of it.  I love when kids come up with their own motivation!

Has anyone played a game like this?  Any suggestions or ways to enhance it?  I will share photos and/or video of our final result once we have everything in place (I don’t even know if they make red pool noodles).


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