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March 19, 2012

A Great Resource for Typical and Atypical Development

I am a big proponent of educating people on movement and development.  I especially try to educate parents and other health professionals because I think, and the literature shows, that the earlier kids and parents get support for delays, the sooner they make progress.  One of the greatest resources out there that I have located is  They offer handouts for development as well as videos.  Below is a direct copy of an email they sent out talking about their resources.  I wanted to take an opportunity to pass this information along so that more people are educated. videos bring to life subtle differences lost in pictures or words offers 23 FREE educational videos on our website and YouTube:

·       Topics include motor, sensory, and communication development

·       Comparisons of typical and atypical infant development

·       Videos of children’s progress in therapy sessions

·       FREE downloadable handouts for videos

PLEASE provide these FREE videos and FREE handouts to parents and health professionals

·       Help identify an early motor, communication, or sensory delay

·       Help ensure infants/children receive timely, adequate, and appropriate intervention Medical Round Table is comprised of leading physicians, clinicians, nurse practitioners,

and lay advisors. These members oversee all projects. recently presented to:

·       37 pediatric and family medicine, physician assistant, and pediatric nursing residency programs

·       More than 1000 health professionals viewed films and received handouts

·       As a result of presentation:

o   92% of all participants will now refer children earlier for a screening

o   99% would recommend presentation to their colleague

Since 1985, has believed in the right of all children and their parents to the leading knowledge available to maximize all children’s potential.


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