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March 15, 2012

Having Fun With Chalk Ink Markers


(sometimes just drawing is just as much fun as writing)

This whole idea started because I saw someone (who I can’t remember now or I would give them credit) blog about using chalkboard contact paper.  I thought it was the coolest thing so I went to Amazon to order some for us.  I had no idea exactly what we would use it for but I figured it would be good to have it on hand.  Well, while ordering it, I glanced at the section where they show you what other viewers bought as well and I found chalk ink markers so I ordered some and thought they could be fun to use as well (I also got cleaner just in case).  Well we still haven’t used the contact paper but our OT’s have been having a blast using the chalk ink markers on the mirror that we have.  The kids love having a new and novel way to draw and work on handwriting.  Plus, it goes on really smoothly so it doesn’t require a lot of effort or force to create a line.  It wipes off very easily with the cleaner.  Because its novel, the kids are enjoying working on handwriting.  I think that’s part of learning a new skill, giving them multiple opportunities to work on something.  If it was always with pencil and paper it could get frustrating but keep it novel by using apps, play dough, sand/salt, markers and now we use chalk ink markers on the mirror.  You can also have them try to copy their features as they see them in the mirror or draw ‘masks’ to cover their face.  Creativity can run rampant with this fun activity!  With the full length mirrors turned sideways you could even get more than one kids involved and do cooperative drawing!


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  1. I have been using dry erase markers in the same way but will have to try these chalk markers.

    Comment by jd785 — March 17, 2012 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

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