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March 13, 2012

Developing Reaching in Sitting

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In order to be able to do things in sitting, kiddos need to be able to reach and move without falling over.  Reaching in sitting works with balance and being able to anticipate how the movement is going to affect them and turn the correct muscles on so that they don’t topple over.  Some ways to work on reaching are to have things on the ground in front of, to the side of and in various positions so they get practice moving in different directions.  Its fun to watch them figure out how far they can reach without falling and still be able to return to sitting.  Sometimes they have to take some practice runs until they figure out exactly how their muscles are going to react.  The less support you can provide and still have them be safe during these activities will really help them to use their whole body in a coordinated way.   In addition to having items on the ground, you can also hold them up and have them reach.  Change positions here as well so they get to use one or two hands, and switch between right and left.  You’ll also start to see more trunk rotation developing and cross body reaching as they feel more stable.  You can watch the kiddos find ways to create stability, whether holding one arm in a high guard position or using an arm to prop on the ground, they are figuring out their bodies.  Have fun watching them develop!


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