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February 14, 2012

Bringing Therapy Home

This is a short post to reference another article I had written that I wanted to make sure I shared here as well.

PediaStaff recently featured an article that I wrote about implementing PT at home for kids with Down Syndrome.  I realized as I wrote the article that although it was specifically related to kiddos with Down Syndrome, it also is applicable to kiddos with low tone.  In fact, many of the tips are applicable across the board to other therapies and for any child who is receiving therapy.

I think the biggest thing to remember is that if you have good communication with the families you work with you can work together to problem solve and create the best program for their child.  Here are some additional tips I thought I would add:

  1. If you have other kids, create opportunities for the whole family to get involved
  2. Make it a game (its amazing what kids will do if its a game)
  3. Make it part of your routine
  4. Pick one or two important things to work on consistently rather than trying to do a whole laundry list and not being able to get to any of them
  5. Make it into quality time you get to spend with your kiddo, it can be time that’s just yours and theirs
  6. Use play to work on skills such as at a playground

I hope you take the time to read the article and please share tips that you have heard from your therapists or that you tell your families to help make all the therapy homework a little less overwhelming!


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