Starfish Therapies

December 11, 2011

Holiday Activities

And more holiday activities courtesy of my fabulous mom!

Website for image: Christmas Image Gallery · Christmas Image Gallery Find Santa Claus in all

Musical Package- Before you go to the activity you must wrap a box with many layers of wrapping paper.  Inside the box should be an index card telling the person who opened it and what to do.  Usually it says go into the little room of the pavilion for your present.  The present is usually lollipops or some other type of candy that everyone can share.  When you get all of the kids they need to sit in a circle as if they were playing hot potato.  While the music is playing they need to pass the package around the circle.  When the music stops the person left holding the package gets to unwrap a layer.  If there are two people holding the package when the music stops the person who was receiving it gets to open it.

One Handed Gift Wrap- This game really concentrates on teamwork.  Divide the group up into partners.  One person must volunteer to be the right hand and the other must be the left hand.  Each group is then given a box, some wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors and told to wrap their present as best they can.  The group whose present comes out looking the most like a regularly wrapped gift wins

Paper Chains- Before you go to the activity you need to cut up construction paper into long strips.  Make sure you use the scraps before you use the good paper.  You can either spread the strips out along the tables or make piles at the front table.  You will also need tape.  They are then to make paper chains by making loops out of the construction paper.  After the first loop is made the next one needs to be looped through the first one.  Continue in that way until you are done.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph or Santa- This is just like pin the tail on the donkey.  You blindfold the child and spin them around three times and then give them a nose sticky side out and let them try to pin it on Santa or Rudolph.  The winner is the one who gets it the closest.  They are not allowed to feel around either.

Popcorn Stringing- This must be done on a Monday or a Thursday because the popcorn machine was used the night before and popcorn will be made already.  Before you arrive you need to make sure you have cut string that is long enough to string but not long enough to get tangled.  It should also be doubled over.  The strings should already be threaded on a needle.  This activity should be done for older kids so that the younger ones don’t prick their fingers.  When the kids arrive give them their pieces of string and direct them to the tables with buckets of popcorn.  When the string is finished have them tie it off and then take the needle off

Santa May I- played like Mother May I.

Santa Relay- beard, hat, red shirt and pants, pillowcase, few toys and pair of boots

Santa – Santa – Reindeer- played like Duck Duck Goose.

Santa Says-played like Simon Says

Snowball Pass-The group gets divided into two circles.  Each gets two buckets.  One is empty and the other is filled with water balloons.  The object is to pass the balloons around the circle to the empty bucket without breaking any.  Whoever has the most unbroken balloons is the winner.  If there is a tie the win goes to the team who finished first.


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