Starfish Therapies

November 27, 2011

Motor Smart Toys and Tips

Twister Hopscotch:  A game that combines two childhood favorites!  You can create patterns and spin to see where you have to go or you can get creative and make up your own version!  This will work on motor planning and coordination, balance, jumping, and core strength to name a few.  Make it a family night and see how you do compared to your child!

Super Skipper:  This game is for jumping over the moving arms as they spin and music plays.  There are several different speeds from slow to fast.  We have used this with kids to work on them stepping over the spinning arms, jumping with two feet over the arms, or hopping on one foot over the arms.  This will work on jumping, stepping, coordination, foot eye coordination and motor planning.

Stacking:  There are stacking boxes and stacking cups.  All are great fun for working on hand eye coordination, standing and balance to put the cup/box on top, reaching, and the best part of all is the action/reaction concept when they get to knock the towers down!

Finger Rockets:  Fun toy for rocket contests to see whose can go the furthest while encouraging the kids to chase after them as well as working on hand function or finger function to squeeze the bulb that shoots the rocket off.  Lastly another reminder of action/reaction!


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