Starfish Therapies

November 21, 2011

Motor Smart Toys and Tips

Wiggly Giggly Ball:  This ball offers instant gratification by making noise whenever it moves.  It may be a bit much for kids who are sound sensitive though (just a warning)!  You can have your child practice rolling the ball or kicking the ball and crawling or running after it. They can practice trapping with two hands or passing between each other.

Finger Puppets:  Allows for finger isolation and dissociation as well as imaginative play.  You can even get creative and make your own or there are tons out there on the market for all sorts of themes.  Work on writing/story skills by coming up with a story line and putting on a show for the family!

Bubbles:  Great tool for oral motor control, visual tracking, finger isolation, stomping, or running after to name a few!  You can buy bubbles easily or you can make your own.  For some reason kids are always fascinated with bubbles. Practice counting by seeing how many they can pop or stomp or catch on their finger.  Here are even more ideas for bubbles including art projects!

Play-doh:  This multi purpose toy can allow your kids to explore their imagination and creativity while working on hand strength and fine motor control.  There are a ton of store bought play-doh’s and accessories out there and you can always make your own for a great family activity together!  Here are a few ideas of things to do with the play-doh!

Finger Paint:  A great way to make a mess, be creative, get sensory input, work on fine motor skills for finger dissociation and for handwriting/drawing with the result being an artwork masterpiece worthy of framing!  Feel free to buy or to make your own.


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