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May 25, 2009

What do you know about your child’s development?


We are in an age of information where ‘google’ has become such a common word, we regularly use it as a verb in sentences (i.e. ‘I googled it’ or ‘I’ll just google it’).  Healthcare vendors have switched their marketing campaigns to address a more information savvy public and to assist consumers in making informed decisions.  When I go into a book store or do searches online there are tons of book on childhood development, written from every angle, not to mention numerous blogs (like my own) on the topic.  With all this in mind,  I had to pause when I stumbled across an article titled,  ‘Study:  Nearly a Third of New Parents Know Little About Infant Development.’  This article looks at areas such as reaching and grabbing for things, object permanence, communication, sharing, and potty training.  Some of these translate into gross motor skills although the article was not specifically about gross motor development.  This sparked my curiousity and I did my own search looking to see if there was data on how much parents know about their gross motor development.  I couldn’t find any data on this although a I found a great check in on your child and their gross motor development.  It reminds us that its not just the big milestones that we are looking for such as rolling, crawling and walking, but rather how your child is performing the movement (i.e. quality of movement).  That being said, I know as parents you face information overload and find it hard to keep up with all the new information out there and the constant changes to what is best for your child.  My question for you is do you feel that you are getting the information you need, especially in terms of gross motor development and what do you still have questions about or feel unsure about?  How can we tame the information that is out there so you can use it to best benefit your child’s developement, specifically gross motor development?


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  1. Hi.

    I live in the UK so not sure if its the same here but we are given books regarding our childrens health and development when they are born by the NHS (goverment health scheme). These books give a guideline and have more than the basic milestones but not as much information on the the subject in hand as I would personally like.

    I know quite a few mums and I would say that it is very rare that they read up on this subject unless there is something that concerns them with thier childs development.

    I feel that the reason for this is that when you are pregnant there is so much information avaliable about your unborn childs development and the birth that you spend a majority of you time reading on this subject and the rest on the prep for being ready for the child. Then when the child arrives you are too tired and distracted to be able to read in depth on such subjects.

    Im not sure that you can “tame” the information as there are so many people putting books onto the market about every subject that its very difficult to know what to read.

    I feel that there should be some sort of referance material made avaliable to everyone when thier children are born that tells you the key things to look out for and then references any literature that further expands on each topic.

    thanks, I hope that this is the kind of info you were looking for

    Comment by Caroline Baldry — May 27, 2009 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

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